Chitwan Jungle Lodge , Chitwan
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Chitwan Jungle Lodge , Chitwan

Popular City :Chitwan National Park

Overview of Chitwan Jungle Lodge , Chitwan

Popular City :Chitwan National Park

Hotel Name :Chitwan jungle Lodge ,Chitwan

Location :Chitwan National park

Hotel Type :Resort out side park

Accommodation :Swite and Delauxe Room

Total Room :32

Service & Facilities:

Minimum Price:US$ 240 

Maximum Price :US $ 240

The Chitwan National Park, one of Asia's richest and most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries, is situated 75 air miles southwest of 'Kathmandu'. In this panoramic jungle setting we operate a unique vacation facility. Of all the world's remaining jungles, one of the most enchanting is Royal Chitwan National Park in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.

Here, at Chitwan Jungle Lodge, you will discover a lost world of towering trees and twisting vines, of pre-historic rhino and lumbering elephants, of crocodile, python and deer; of brilliantly colored birds and if you are fortunate - the superb Royal Bengal Tiger.

Chitwan Jungle Lodge is proud to be the pioneers of environmentally sensitive nature tourism in Nepal. Our Lodge is used as a model throughout Asia. We believe that responsible and controlled tourism can benefit conservation and indigenous people.

Additional Information

Service and facilities

Accommodation :

  • The accommodation at Machan Wildlife Resort is in timber-framed bungalows having private bathrooms providing modern toilet amenities. To blend with the environment, lighting is by kerosene lanterns which we place outside your rooms at sundown. The main building with the dining room and bar and the pathway to the rooms are lighted by electric bulbs, and the power comes from a generator.
  • The paintings on the walls and the curtains also have a peculiar charm of it's own. They were created by the women of Nepal's Methyl culture.These women live in villages near the Tear town of Janakpur, where Sita, the heroine of The Ramayana, was married to the God, Ram. The villages once belonged to a Kingdom called Mithila and today the women continue to maintain the rich ancient traditions of their culture.
  • Food and Drinks :
    The Resort restaurant offers both Nepalese, Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine, hygienically prepared with concern for your health. Our bar offers a wide variety of imported and local liquors, beers, soft drinks and exotic cocktails.
  • Clothing :
    Located just outside the tropics, the days in Chitwan are generally warm for most of the year and require only light clothing. However, from November to February the early mornings and evenings can be very chilly, requiring a warm sweater or jacket. Early morning elephant rides can be particularly cold before the sun rises and warms the air enough to dispel the damp morning mist.
  • Light weight, loose-fitting trousers and long-sleeved shirts are recommended for elephant riding as they give protection from cuts and scratches while moving through the tall grass and forests. Canvas shoes or lightweight boots are ideal for walking or elephant riding as they give protection from thorny vines, insects and prickles. Bright colors are very conspicuous in the jungle and we advise that you wear neutral-colored clothing. A sunhat or light neck scarf and suncream are necessary for preventing sunburn and perhaps insect repellent for use out of doors in the evening. You may wish to bring a swim suit for a dip in the swimming pool in our grounds.

Activities :

  • At Machan Wildlife Resort, a team of expert naturalists has been formed under the leadership of Dr. Charles Ramble, an anthropologist and naturalist with wide experience of Nepal. They will share their knowledge of the jungle's flora and fauna as they guide you on elephant back and in Landrovers, on nature walks and bird-watching excursions Canoeing is done in traditional dugout canoes which will give you a tranquil crocodile's-eye view of the jungle, and a few miles drive upstream to the villages of the Danwar tribal community will allow you a glimpse into the lives of the jungle dwellers of Nepal.
  • When the spirit of the explorer-adventurers is strongest, we will trek with you into the dense forests of the Churia hills, the last domain in Chitwan where wild elephants still roam. Hidden in this remote region are the remains of ancient settlements that the jungle has reclaimed. To appreciate MACHAN fully we recommend a visit of not less than 3 days.


US $ 270 per person for two nights / three days program


• All the above rates are exclusive of 10 % service charge and 13 % government taxes
• The above rates are subject to change without prior notice.
• All major credit cards are accepted - Visa Card, Master Card and American Express.

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