Nepal Trekking FAQs.

Nepal Trekking FAQs.

28th Aug, 2023

Nepal Trekking FAQs.

Where is Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked federal democratic country located in the Asia continent between two big countries India and China. Nepal comprises three topographical features named as Treai Region, Hilly Region and Himalayan Region. It is covered by India on three sides and China by one side and shares an open boarder with India.

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What is Nepal Known For?

Nepal is a country having different identities. Firstly, it is known as a home of world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest along with eight out of ten highest peaks of the world and consists of numbers of mountains above 7000m. Nepal is also known as the second richest country in water resources in the world after Brazil in spite of having no seas. Moreover, Nepal is also known as the birth place of the light of Asia ‘Gautam Buddha’. Nepal welcomes numbers of people from all over the world with its abundant beauty and numbers of stunning attractions. Nepal is a small country having a unique identity to the world with a unique flag. Nepal is a flower garden of 4 castes and 36 sub- castes living together with a slogan ‘unity in diversity’. Having a base camp at each eight thousand peaks Nepal has been a famous trekking destination and it also offers different kind of adventures like rafting, Paragliding, jungle safari and many more. Nepal has always been known for its unique features, diversified cultures and traditions, history, art and abundant natural beauty. So, this is Nepal and what it is known for.

Can I get Nepal Visa on Arrival?

Yes, you can easily get Nepal visa after completing certain procedures in Tribhuvan International Airport. If you are from SAARC countries then you will get free visa up to 30 days and Indian passport holders do not need visa other than that if you don’t come under this then you will be charged certain amount as per your length of stay in Nepal.

the country political safe and stable?

The political system of Nepal is not very stable but Nepal is very safe for the tourists. The people here are lovely, kind and hospitable. Tourism plays a vital role in Nepal’s economy and Nepalese people treat tourists as their guests. Tourism related crimes are very lesser than other countries and you can safely travel to Nepal.

How to enter Nepal?

Travelers can fly directly to Nepal from most of the countries around the world and a direct bus from India also comes to Nepal. If you have a valid visa then you can directly enter to Nepal.

Do you have airport pickup facilities?

Yes, we do have airport pickup and drop facilities as well. Upon your arrival our representatives will be waiting at TIA with your name cared and they will drop you to the respective hotel.

I am going on a Tea house trekking in Nepal. What can I expect?

Tea house trekking is a very popular trekking in Nepal. Tea houses are the local lodges offering you food and accommodation. The tea houses may not have well equipped furniture’s and toilets. Here you will get to experience the lifestyle of the local people and taste the local food prior to the area. You will also get to encounter with the local people and their culture. You will experience living another lifestyle in a tea house trekking.

How long we will walk on an average days trekking?

It depends upon the physical fitness of the trekker and the routes as per the itinerary and conditions of the trials. If you are an average trekker then you will have to walk 5-6 hours a day.

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