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This short trip is ideal for those wanting to see the highlights of Tibet and Lhasa. You fly or drive across the Himalaya to Lhasa, where you have plenty of

Tibet is indeed a very rich and beautiful land, located on the highest plateau on Earth at an average altitude over 4000 meter. It is the South west frontier of China. The Tibet Autonomous Region with a population of over two million covers an area of 1.2 million sq. km.Tibet has a long and complex history, written records have survived from the 7th Century A.D. however it is known that nomadic tribes populated. Tibet as early as the 2nd Century B.C. and discoveries suggest a much longer history of human kind. More recent times have seen the invasion of China in 1959 and the inevitable dilution of Tibetan culture. Tibet however has proved over the years since, that its way of life has been able to withstand this influence. Life is changing with the modern aid and it ruins by politics and Power.

The journey to unlock the complexities posed by this arid mass of discovery (almost the size of Europe) begins with probably the most dramatic flight in the world. From Kathmandu, you journey the huge backbone of the High Himalayas to land deep in the heart of the Tibetan plateau. A further two hours drive by road through barren wilderness Lhasa, the capital and home to the famous Potala Palace unfolds. Lhasa remains the major focus of Buddhist worship anywhere in the world, a place for the traveler to cast away any preconceptions he or she may have and join in Tibet's journey of discovery along the way... at least for a while.

Tibet 6-days Tour

Potala palace

06 Days

Customizable Trip Cost

Sharing border with Nepal in the south, the town of Zhangmu is situated at an altitude of 2300 m above.....

Lhasa Tour - 4 Days ( Fly in fly out)

Lhasa cultural

04 Days

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This short trip is ideal for those wanting to see the highlights of Tibet and Lhasa. You fly or drive.....

Tibet Overland Tour- 07 Nights 08 days Drive in Fly Out

Tibet Overland tour

08 Days


Magnificent Hindu temples, shrines adorned with rich wood carvings, Buddhist stupas with their white cupolas and the all-seeing eyes of.....

Tibet Group Joining Tour

Potala palace   in Lhasa

We are really glad to announce that “TIBET GROUP JOINING TOUR IS AVAILABLE” for the date of 15th June to.....

  • Volunteering & Charity Tour
  • Snow Leopard Research Trip

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