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Mt. Kailash Overland Trip from Kerung Border Nepal

Mount Kailash is known as a holy site among Hindu, Bon, Buddhist and Jain. It is believed to be the ultimate destination of souls and spiritual of whole World. Mt Kailash is

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Mount Kailash is known as a holy site among Hindu, Bon, Buddhist and Jain. It is believed to be the ultimate destination of souls and spiritual of whole World. Mt Kailash is also believed, the residence of Lord Siva’s “The God of all Gods”and Lake Manasarovar is soul of Brahma in Hinduism.

Kailash Mansarovar Overland Yatra Via Kerung – 14 Days (Fixed Departure Date 2019)

Kailash Mansarovar Overland Yatra Via Kerung – 14 Days
(Fixed Departure Date 2019)


Kathmandu Arrival Dates


 26th ( Full Moon Trip),30


 12th (18th Full Moon at Mansarovar), 5th ,10th ,15th ,20th ,25th ,30th


11th  (17th  Full Moon at Mansarovar), 1st,5th ,14th, 18th,22nd,26th ,30th


10th  (16th Full Moon at Mansarovar ), 3rd,6th,14th ,20th,25th,30th


09th (15th Full Moon at Mansarovar), 2nd,6th,12th,18th,24th ,28


08, 12, 27  (Full Moon Trip) ,14


 Our Kailash and Mansarovar tour begins with from Kerung, a town lying in the Nepal-Tibet border. It takes seven hours to reach Kerung from Kathmandu following which you will cross Nepal-China Friendship bridge to Tibet. The route passes through Saga and Darchen to reach Mapam Yumtso Lake or Mansarovar Lake where you will have time to explore its natural beauty. From her you will advance towards Tarboche, the beginning point of Kailash circumambulation.

Day 01: Drive to Kerung (2900 M)

EarlyMorning drive to Kerung that is 175 Km . We will provide you pack breakfast on the way and Lunch at Nepal/China border.. Walk along for 10 minutes to cross the bridge. After accomplishment all the immigration and custom formalities meet Chinese guide and Bus drivers, then processed the journey to Kerung Arrival  atKerungand overnight stay in a Hotel.

 Day 02: Rest Day at Kerung (2,900 m.): It is more a day for acclimatization.

 Day 03: Saga/4450m or Dongba: (Labug-La 5050m, 

Peku-tso and Saga, 245 km) On the first long driving day over the sandy and rocky land of Tibet, other sites like lake, nomads chasing thousands of yaks and sheep, keep you busy. By the late afternoon you will cross BhramhaPurtra River on the way to typical Chinese and Tibetan town. Overnight in Saga. 


Day 04: Manasarover (4558m) 500 km:


The longest driving day starts with full of excitement, Jeeps and trucks roll on the wide valley following rivers and grazing land of yaks and sheep. Far south you can see snow covered peaks near by you, lots of rocky peaks and sand duns give you an ideal world. Depends on season, nomads and other mobile shopkeepers are attired by beautiful traditional costume, waiting for your arrival with hot tea and other supplies along with big smile.By the late afternoon you can have the first sight of Holy Kailash Parbat and Manasarovara. Hore, it is a small village nearby Lake Manasarover. Holy-Manasarovara: At 14950-ft/ 4558m. The highest lake of fresh water with turquoise complexion in the world is full of fishes and swans. Holy Kailash Parbat, Mt. Gurula-Mandata, Lake Rashekshi are laying on its surrounding. The region is considered rich for gold and other mines, hot springs and hundreds of wild living creatures. Night halt beside Manasarovar. 


 Day 05: Puja and drive to Tarchen (14975ft):


Manasarovara is the lake of compassion, tranquility and bliss. After completing the memorable morning Bath and Puja we will be heading towards Tarchen. It is considered as a base camp for the Holy Kailash Parikrama.


 Day 06: Trek to DeharaPuk/5000m:

It is one of the exciting days walking along the beautiful rocky cliffs; waterfalls with some clouds in the clear blue sky makes you feel the Great God Shiva is everywhere with tons of blessings to you. Time to time the face of Kailash Parbat will keep on appearing. For 18 km trail it takes almost 7 hrs. 


Day 07: Hardest but Holiest day of your pilgrimage Yatra with Dolma-La (pass) of 18600ft

between two valleys: Yamasthal should be crossed to reach the Shiva-sthal, here there is the symbolical death, Pilgrimages leave the Old clothes, spin of hair or a drop of Blood in hope, that terrible Yamraja (The master of death) will attention to these signs and will allow the Yatries (travelers) to be born in spirit to pass Dolma- La. The pass associates at Buddhists with the goddess Container, and at Hindu with Parvati, divine wife misters Shiva. On the pass tourists and pilgrimage hang out the Tibetan flags, On success. While your steps goes closer to the pass, Once you reach the top, just do the holiest offerings and sit down for meditation to forget yourself. Once your steps go down, Parvati-sthal and Gauri Kunda are on the way. By the late afternoon you will arrive at ZuthalPuk (the cave of Miracles. The great ascetic Milerappa is supposed to have performed miracles here). 

Day 08: End of Kailash Parikrama and drive to toDongba After short Trek (2 hrs)

and reach to the point where the coach will be waiting and we will drive to Darchenand merge with other members who were waiting and drive to Dongba. Overnight stay at Guesthouse in Dongba. 

Day 09: Back journey, drive to Kerung  City – 270 km / 5.5 hrs.

Overnight stay at Guesthouse 

Day 10: Drive back to Kathmandu (175 km) 





 25 – 40 PAX

IC :- 1,45,000

Cost Includes:

  • ·         Accommodation
  • ·         All     transportation by bus.
  • ·         Service of our trekking equipment and Sherpa staff.
  • ·         All Trekking and camping equipment including Sleeping bags and oxygen cylinders   
  • ·         All Sightseeing and entrance fee as per the itinerary.
  • ·         All Necessary Travel and Trekking Permit.
  • ·         All full Board Basis


Cost Excludes:

  • ·         Yak, Porter and Horse for person use.
  • ·         Using extra night at Hotel expect mentioned on the itinerary.
  • ·         Rescue/ evacuation or all the extra cost because of partition from the main group or serious health condition.
  • ·         Any International flight.
  • ·         Extra Night accommodation in Kathmandu.
  • ·         Any extra transportation/Accommodation/visa cancelation charge (who separate from the main group and early return)

 Mt. Kailash Tour FAQ


Q. 01: How many days required for Mt. Kailash Yatra? 

A. Holy Mt. Kailash yatra require - 13 days by Toyota Landcruiser  or Luxary Bus - 10 days by Helicopter via Nepalganj. 

 Q. 02: How we will be doing 13 days Yatra? 

A. 13 days Kailash Yatra by Toyota Landcruiser or Luxayr Bus - Kathmandu to Kerung (Nepal - Tibet border) tourist bus will be used. In Tibet,  Toyota Landcruiser or Luxury Bus will be used. Routing Kathmandu - Kerung - Saga -Paryang -Mansarovar - Darchen - Dirapuk - Zuthulpuk - Darchen - Paryang - Saga -Kerung - Kathmandu. 10 days Kailash Yatra by Helicopter - Kathmandu - Nepalganj - Simikot - Hilsa (by helicopter) - Taklakot - Mansarovar - Darchen - Dirapuk - Zuthulpuk - Darchen - Mansarovar - Taklakot - Hilsa - Simikot (by helicopter) - Nepalganj - Kathmandu. Also 3 days Mt. Kailash Parikrama. 

  Q. 03: In how many days would I finish Mt. Kailash Parikarma and how long it is?

A. Holy Kailash parikarma is approx 52 kms trek to be completed in 2 nights / 3 Days. Night camping in Dirapuk & Zuthul-puk. Q. 

04: What is the best time to travel? 

A. Holy Mt. Kailash yatra starts in the last week of April till September every year. 

Q. 05: What is Land cruiser? 

A. Land cruiser is four wheel driven Japanese vehicle. We allow maximum four people in one Land cruiser + 1 driver + 1 Sherpa (staff).

  Q. 06: How many days would I need to hire the Yak / Horse and a Porter during the whole trip and how much it costs? 

A. If you do not want to trek you can hire horse/pony for parikarma. Parikarma (kora) that is for 3 days. It will cost you approx. Yuan 1200 per Yak with Yak man. 
  Q. 07: What are the hidden charges i.e. to be paid direct? 

A. Additional expenses incurred due to delay, Accidents, Natural disaster & Political action. Following are the charges not included during yatra. - Yak and Yak man cost - Rescue or evacuation if need, Tibet visa separation cost - Travel insurance, drink, laundry, Telephone/fax, Additional transportation cost. - If you are not going for Kailash Parikrama due to any reason and staying back at Darchen for three days, you have to pay extra INR 1500 per day for accommodation and food in Darchen.

  Q.08: How much amount we should carry and in what form whether travelers cheque, Doller or Tibetian cash or Indian Rupees

A. In Kathmandu you may use USD OR Indian Currency (however denominations of INR 500 & 1000 is not allowed in Nepal). For Tibet you will need Chinese Yuan only. for 11 days in Tibet we suggest you to carry approx Yuan 2500-3500 Per Person. Which you may need for emergency and to pay for horse during Kailash Parikrama. Balance (unused Yuan) may be exchanged again on the way back. INR 100 = NPR 160 INR 100 = CNY 10.5 (CHINESE YUAN) You can exchange Yuan in Kathmandu or in Tibet border. Most of the yatri exchange their currency in Nepal-Tibet border.

  Q. 09: How about accommodation facilities etc. ? 

A. 3/4 Star hotel accommodation in Kathmandu and guest house accommodation in Tibet. However, camping accommodation will be provided during parikrama of Holy Kailash. 

  Q. 10: What is your cancellation policy? 

A. Cancellation Policy: 30 days before departure date, INR 15,000 will be charged as cancellation. 15 days before departure date, INR 25,000 will be charged as cancellation. 07 days before departure date, No refund allowed.

Q. 11: Do you provide something? 

A. We Provide: · Camping Equipments (to be returned at the end) · Sleeping bags (down with inside extra cover), (to be returned at the end) · Jacket (down) (to be returned at the end) · Oxygen Back-up & Gaymo Bag.

Q. 12: What medical reports do I need to carry?

A. No medical report is required but we insist every yatri to consult their doctor before traveling to high altitude. Also every yatri must declare their physical status and specify if they are allergic to any medicine. 

Q.13: Besides the passport what other official documents will I need on the yatra? 

A. You need to carry:- Valid Passport with 4 passport size photographs Medical Insurance Policy. (Not compulsory) 

  Q.14: Is it essential or good to commence the tour on a full moon day? 

A. You can commence your yatra any day. Some people prefer to reach at Mansarovar or Kailash on full moon day. 

Q.15: Can we take children with age group of 6 and 10 years? 

A. Yes, can take children (physically normal) along with you but at your own risk because you know your child better. 

  Q.16: What are the precautions taken for the children?  

A. You have to take same precautions as you are taking for yourself. 

Q.17: Will one oxygen cylinder be sufficient for four of us? 

A. Our team will provide oxygen cylinder in emergency. Usually, oxygen cylinder is not required. However, some yatri prefer to carry their own handy oxygen cylinders. You may buy small portable cylinder in Tibet. It may cost approx. Yuan 20-50 Per cylinder. 

Q.18: What will be the charges for children? 

A. Yatra cost is same for children. 

Q.19: Will your cook be traveling with us during the entire trip. Will he be carrying stove and utensils can he make vegetarian items.

A. Yes, cooks will be traveling with you during the entire trip. They will carry all necessary cooking items with them and you will get only vegetarian food during yatra. 

Q.20: Can we prescribe the menu for cooking on daily basis?

A. Yes, you may discuss and suggest your choice. If possible, and other yatris agree our cook will not mind cooking your choice of food. 

Q.21: Is VISA cost included in the total tour cost? 

A. Yes, cost of Tibet Visa is included. However, cost of Nepal visa is not included (applicable for foreign nationals only). Indian passport holders do not need Nepal Visa. 

Q.22: Can we find some helpers to help our kids/luggage during the trekking part of the journey? Will they be available there or do we have to take them with us. 

A. Yes, you can get helpers/porters for your kids/luggage, the charge may be approx Yuan 150 per day. 

Q.23: What will be the arrangement in case there is any break down of vehicle (Land Cruiser)? 

A. We will send another Vehicle (Land Cruiser). 

Q.24: Are there any frequent landslides on the way? 

A. No, it depends on weather.

Q.25: Is good sanitation available during the camping days?

  A. Yes, toilet tents may be made available. 

Q.26: Availability of drinking water on the yatra?

A. Water bottles / pure natural mineral water, or water purification tablets may be made available. 

Q.27: Where we can find facial cream and all other items? 

A. You can buy everything in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our executive will guide/help you. 

Q.28: Can I bring video camera and digital camera? Weather we will have possibility to recharge the batteries or is there any restrictions to use these things. 

A. Yes, you can bring camera & videos along with you. The voltage in Tibet is 220V. Can be re-charge most of the places but not during 3 days parikrama. We suggest to travel with extra batteries. 

Q.29: What about communication possibilities? 

A. Darchen (base camp of Mt. Kailash) is the last point where communication facility is available. Mobile will not work in Kailash region. It works only in town.  

Q.30: Is there any Pundit available?

A. No, you have to bring your Pundit. 

Q. 31: When we should book the Holy Mt. Kailash Yatra and how to book? 

A. You should book this yatra minimum 45 days in advance. To book, we need copy of passport (1st page only) with 25% advance deposit. 

Q. 32: Is it necessary to send our document with advance 45 days before? 

A. Yes, we must send copy of your passport to China for approval. 

Q. 33: How can we make advance payment? 

A. We have following payment options: - Pay on line through credit card OR - Swift transfer to OUR BANK account. Contact us for our bank details. - Pay by credit card. - Send a Demand Draft by courier. 

Q.34: If we are not feeling comfortable or physically fit for parikarma then what we will do. 

A. In such case, you must stay back in Darchen for 3 days. 

Q.35: What type of medical test is required for this trip? 

A. TMT test. (not compulsory) 

Q. 36: What we must carry? 

A. Be sure you have the needy items !  Warm clothes, water bottle, water purification tabs, sun tan lotion utility knife, dusk musk, medicine for headaches, fever, colds, stomach disorders and diamox (unless you are allergic to sulpha drugs) for altitude sickness, It is also good to carry dry fruit, juice powder, breads, candy, canned or packed food, nuts, pickles and biscuits. * if you do not have any of the above items, our executive will assist you in Kathmandu. 

Q. 37: Do you have any age restriction? 

A. No, we do not have any age restrictions. If you are physically fit you may travel but sometime Chinese Authority do not permit for people aged 65 or above. We insist every one to consult with their doctor and must mention that you are going to high altitude. Many of old aged people travelled with us and have successfully done the parikrama.

 Packing List for Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar Tour

  1. 1 warm down jacket
  2. 1 pair of wind proof jacket and trouser
  3. Warm sleeping bag
  4. Warm and head cover hat / cap
  5. 2 pairs warm inside thermal
  6. 2 pairs warm trouser/ paint
  7. Warm but light waited sweeter or jacket
  8. 2/3 pairs light t-shirt
  9. 1 pair of light walking shoes for morning and evening walking / while stay at lodge side
  10. Another pair of water proof warm trekking shoes
  11. pairs good and warm shocks
  12. Sun cream, sun glass
  13. Rain coat
  14. Trekking stick for 3 days Kailashparikrama (you can buy it in Darchen)
  15. Your regular using medicine
  16. Duffel bag to put your goods (This bag separately stay at bus and you will get it every evening)
  17. Small back carry bag (day bag)
  18. Sleeping bag
  19. Water flash to put warm water throughout the tour
  20. Sun cream, Vick
  21. Sun glass
  22. Camera to take picture for your trip memory.


Route Map:

group Photo Before Departure Mt. Kailash Overland Trip from Kerung Boarder Nepal
Actual Adventure Team

Kailash Mansarovar


I wanted to go Kailas Mansarovar and I was finding from last 2 years finally I had contact with ACTUAL ADVENTURES Kedar and Suzane 
My trip was so memorable it’s was very well organised trip ....Food was excellent every thing was very good
Kudos to this 2 brothers.......
It’s was Super fun ........
Thank you so much for everything
Because of you guys I enjoyed my Kailas Mansarovar trip.....

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