Nepal's domestic flights

Nepal's domestic flights

Nepal's domestic flights

Nepal's domestic flights are crucial for connecting various regions within the country, especially in remote and mountainous areas where road infrastructure may be limited. Here are some key points about domestic flights in Nepal:

Popular Domestic Routes:

Kathmandu to Pokhara vs ,Pokhara to Jomsom Vs Kathmandu to Lukla (gateway to Everest region)Kathmandu to Bharatpur (Chitwan) Kathmandu to Bhairahawa Kathmandu to Nepalgunj Nepaljungha Dolpo, Simikot, Talcha

Domestic Airlines in Nepal

Nepal, with its diverse landscapes and challenging terrain, heavily relies on domestic air transportation to connect various regions within the country. The domestic airline industry in Nepal plays a vital role in providing essential services, especially to remote and mountainous areas. Here is an overview of the major domestic airlines operating in Nepal:

Yeti Airlines:

Yeti Airlines is one of the leading domestic airlines in Nepal, established in 1998. It operates a fleet of modern aircraft, including ATR 72, ATR 42, and Jetstream 41. Yeti Airlines connects major cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lukla, and Bharatpur.

Tara Air:

Tara Air is known for its focus on serving remote and mountainous airstrips. It operates a fleet of Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) aircraft like Twin Otters. Tara Air is a subsidiary of Yeti Airlines and contributes significantly to supporting trekking and mountaineering activities.

Buddha Air:

Buddha Air is one of the largest private airlines in Nepal, established in 1996. Operating a fleet of ATR 72 and ATR 42 aircraft, it provides services to various domestic destinations, including Pokhara, Bhairahawa, and Biratnagar. Buddha Air also offers mountain flights for tourists to enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayas.

Sita Air:

Sita Air is another domestic airline in Nepal that focuses on connecting remote areas. It operates a fleet of small aircraft, including Dornier and Let L-410 Turbolet. Sita Air plays a crucial role in facilitating air travel to regions with challenging airstrips.

Shree Airlines:

Shree Airlines is a relatively newer entrant in the domestic aviation scene. It operates both fixed-wing aircraft (Bombardier CRJ-200) and helicopters. Shree Airlines connects various cities, including Bhadrapur, Janakpur, and Simara.

Summit Air:

Summit Air is known for its operations in the Himalayan region, serving destinations like Lukla, Tenzing-Hillary Airport. It operates a fleet of Let L-410 Turbolet aircraft. Summit Air caters to the needs of trekkers, climbers, and locals in the Everest region.

Goma Air:

Goma Air primarily operates in the western part of Nepal, connecting cities like Nepalgunj and Jumla. The airline focuses on serving remote and challenging airstrips.

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC):

Nepal Airlines, the national flag carrier, also operates domestic flights alongside its international services. It serves various domestic destinations using its fleet of aircraft.

Simrik Airlines

Simrik Airlines operates domestic flights to destinations such as Pokhara, Bhairahawa, and Simara. It uses a fleet of Jetstream 41 and LET L-410 aircraft.

Considerations for Domestic Flights in Nepal

  • Weather conditions, especially in mountainous regions, can impact flight schedules.
  • Flights to popular trekking destinations like Lukla may have weight restrictions for both passengers and cargo.
  • It's advisable to book flights in advance, especially during peak trekking seasons.
  • Check with airlines or travel agencies for the latest information on flight schedules and availability.

The diverse offerings of these domestic airlines contribute significantly to the accessibility and connectivity of different regions in Nepal, supporting both tourism and local transportation needs.

Aircraft Type:

Domestic flights in Nepal are often operated using small aircraft, including Twin Otter and Dornier planes. These aircraft are suitable for landing on shorter runways found in remote airstrips.


Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu is the primary hub for domestic flights. However, there are numerous other airports across the country, serving various cities and regions.

Weather Considerations:

Weather conditions, especially in mountainous areas, can impact flight schedules. Flights are sometimes delayed or canceled due to poor visibility, high winds, or other adverse weather conditions.

Booking and Reservations:

Domestic flight tickets can be booked through the official websites of airlines, travel agencies, or third-party booking platforms.

Travelers can also visit airline offices or use the services of travel agencies in Kathmandu or other major cities.

Baggage Allowance:

Due to the size of the aircraft, there are usually strict baggage weight limits on domestic flights. Passengers need to adhere to these limits, which include both checked and carry-on luggage.

Trekking Packages

Actual Adventure offers Trekking service in Nepal on all major routes We offer packages that include domestic flights along with trekking permits, guides, and accommodations. This can provide a convenient and comprehensive solution for travelers heading to popular trekking destinations in Nepal Such, Everest, Annapurna, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga and Upper Mustang.

Flight Safety

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) regulates domestic flights to ensure safety standards are maintained. However, travelers should be aware that flying in mountainous terrain presents unique challenges.

Flight Duration:

The duration of domestic flights varies depending on the route. Flights to destinations like Lukla or Pokhara are relatively short, typically ranging from 20 minutes to around an hour.

It's advisable to check with the respective airlines or travel agencies for the latest information on flight schedules, availability, and any potential changes, especially considering the impact of weather on domestic flights in Nepal.

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